Add a Branch to a Resource Model

Now that you have created a Resource Model (Building), and a new Branch (Name), the next step is to add the Branch to the Resource Model. From the Arches Designer main page, click Find and use the dropdown to locate your model called Building. Click on this model to begin editing it; you should come to the Settings menu.

There are actually two methods for adding a branch to a Resource Model:

  1. By appending the Branch’s graph of the Resource Model’s graph
  2. By adding the Branch’s Card to the set of Cards used by the Resource Model

Method 1: Append the Branch to a Resource Model’s Graph

  1. From manage-btn choose Graph/Semantics to enter the Graph Designer.
  2. You will see the graph for your Resource Model, with a Top Node that represents the Resource itself. While we’re here, let’s rename this node “Building”.
  3. Next, we’ll add the graph from the Name Branch (created in Create a Branch). Click plus-btn in the node manager pane.
  4. You will be presented with a list of all the Branches that can be appended to your current top node. (Note that because we have chosen for this Resource Model to use the CIDOC CRM ontology, you are only seeing Branches listed whose own CRM Root Class can legally be attached to the current top node).
  5. Choose the Name Branch, and click add-node-confirm-btn
  6. Click on the new Name and Name Type nodes. Note that the CRM Class and Relationship from Name/Building are the same as those that you set earlier when you created that Branch.
  7. Click save-edits-btn.

You can now go to the Data Widgets and Cards menu, and you’ll find the Card for this Branch has automatically been added.

Method 2: Add the Branch’s Card to the Resource Model

  1. From manage-btn choose Cards to enter the Card Designer.
  2. Click “Add Card” to open the Card Library. You are now looking at list of the Cards from all the Branches that are available to you. Find the Name Card (created in Create a Branch) and drag it into main panel. Note: If you don’t see the Name Card, it may still be set as “inactive”.

That’s all! You can now head to the Graph Designer to see that a new branch has been added to the graph.