Add a Function to the Resource Model

Functions allow Arches to automatically perform operations on input data after it is entered by users. A simple example that comes built-in with Arches is the function called “Define Resource Descriptors”. It allows you to define how a resource will be labeled throughout the app–in search results, in map popups, etc.

  1. From manage-btn choose Functions to enter the Function Manager.
  2. Select the “Define Resource Descriptors” Function. You’ll see 3 tabs, each used to define a resource descriptor that appears throughout the Arches interface. For our purposes, we’ll only deal with the Display Name tab.
  3. Make sure the “Name” card is selected in the Card Name dropdown. This will pre-populate the Primary Name Template line with all of the nodes in the “Name” card.
  4. Change the template from <Name>, <Name Type> to <Name> (<Name Type> Name). With this template, a building with a primary name of “Scott House” will have a display name of “Scott House (Primary Name)”.
  5. Click done-btn.