Create a Menu

Now that you’ve adding at least one Card to the Resource Model, you are ready to put together the first Menu. A Menu is a collection of Cards, which allows you to group the data entry process into themed sections.

  1. From manage-btn choose Forms to enter the Form Designer.
  2. Click “Add Menu”
  3. On the left hand, you’ll see the Data Card Library, where all of the Cards available to you are listed. The central area will hold the Cards that you have selected for your form, and on the right are your new Menu’s settings. We’ll begin by defining these settings.
  4. In the Identifiers tab, set the Menu Name to “Identification”.
  5. In the Icon tab, type “tag” to find the tag icon, and select it.
  6. In the Status tab, make sure that the form is Visible.
  7. Click save-edits-btn to save your progress.
  8. Now you just have to add the Card to the Menu. In the Data Card Library (left pane), you should see the Name Card. Drag it into the central area. If we had created more Branches, we’d be able to add their Cards to this Menu as well.
  9. Click save-edits-btn to finish your work on this Menu.

Even though we only have one Card at this point, and a very simple Identification Menu, you should now see how easy it is to create and configure Menus. Note that if you have more than one Card in your Menu, the order you set them in the central area will be the order they appear in the Menu.