Create a Report

The final step in configuring our Resource Model is to create a report. Reports aggregate and display information that has been entered for a resource, and also allow you to keep certain information hidden from the public. You can also define multiple reports for a given Resource Model, which allow for even more flexibility in how you publish your data.

  1. From manage-btn choose Reports to enter the Report Designer.
  2. Click “Add Report”.
  3. You now see the list of report templates that you must choose from. Because we have very simple information to display (just a name), we’ll choose the most basic “No Header Template”.
  4. Drag the “No Header Template” onto the right side of the screen.
  5. Now click on your report, which will be named “New Report” by default.
  6. On the left, you’ll see the Report Manager, which shows all of the sections in the report.
  7. Select the Header section, click the Active button, and type “Building Resource” for the Report Title.
  8. Click back-to-reports-btn.