Create a New Resource Model

  1. From the Arches Designer front page, click add-btn and choose “New Resource Model”. You are now presented with the Settings for your new Resource Model. (If you choose manage-btn in the top left of the view, you will see other available Arches Designer tools, all of which we’ll use later.)
  2. In the Identifiers tab, set the Name to “Building”.
  3. Set Ontology to “CIDOC CRM v6.2”. (To learn more about what this means, read Ontologies in Arches.)
  4. In the Root Class dropdown, type “18” and choose “E18_Physical_Thing”.
  5. In the Icon tab, type “building” to find the building icon, and select it.
  6. We can skip over the Description tab for now, as the data stored there is not necessary at this point.
  7. Finally, in the Status tab, make sure your model is Inactive. You don’t want someone using the Building model before you are done creating it!
  8. Click save-edits-btn to save your edits.
  9. Click done-btn to return to the Arches Designer home page.

This is all you need to do to create the new Resource Model, but it’s not ready for use yet. We still need to add at least one Branch to it. Read Create a Branch to make a new Branch from scratch, or skip to Add a Branch to a Resource Model if you already have a Branch ready to go.